iwonmyleague has been making fantasy football seasons, tournaments, and the backyard BBQ more competitive one victory at a time.  We design our own trophy collections, manufacture our own trophies using the finest, yet environmentally friendly materials we can find, and we offer the best, most durable backyard and tailgate games on the market.  Buy a game that lasts from us instead of one you'll have to replace every season from those big box retailers.  Oh, and did I mention that everything we sell is Made in the U.S.A.  

We know weekends are hard work, too, so we take games of skill and chance seriously.  

We'll outfit your man-cave with the coolest trophies, and we'll hook up your party with the baddest games.  


Back in the hey day of 2008, iwonmyleague began because two friends couldn't agree on a good enough trophy for their dynasty league.  Two options consisted of a cheap, plastic trinket that wasn't mantle-worthy and could be found in any ordinary trophy shop or a several hundred dollar behemoth that was cool but not practical to pass around to each years'  winner, especially if they lived across the country.  Winning a fantasy season in our league meant being cutthroat and competitive.  So if we couldn't find a trophy, we sought to make one.  So our Armchair Collection was born.  Soon, the Pigskin Collection fantasy football trophy and Leatherhead Collection fantasy football trophy followed.  

The annual horseshoe tournament at our league draft party was always the best, so our backyard and tailgate games division emerged.  We offer the best quality horseshoe sets, bocce sets, and cornhole games you'll find anywhere.  

Today, when we're not busy outfitting your man-cave or introducing families and friends to more ways they can compete while still holding a beer, we're playing fantasy football and backyard games, too!  When our wives say it's ok.