When Halloween was on Halloween

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Remember when Halloween used to be on Halloween? Not on some other day around Halloween that your town designated as Halloween. Well, tonight is October 31st, Halloween 2014, and it just doesn't feel like the same. The sun went down pretty early, there's a Fall chilling mist in the air, but jack-o-lanterns aren't lit tonight, and that scare-anoia that used to come along with this night when I was a kid isn't there. That's because tonight is actually Halloween, but my local government issued a schedule to all neighboring towns when each town would celebrate Halloween. My town got yesterday between the hours of 5pm and 7pm! I don't understand.

In an era when Ken O'Brien was throwing passes to Al Toon pretty consistently and Teen Wolf (Michael J. Fox, not Jason Bateman) was a movie we could watch, but Friday the 13th Part 3 was the movie we really wanted to watch, existed a time when there was no Halloween schedule. On the last day of October, whether it was on a Saturday or a Tuesday, we rushed home from school, put our costumes on, and hit the best neighborhood in town. Smaller kids were out at 6pm, and the bigger kids hit started making noise around 7. You know when it ended? When it was over. Neighborhood houses had fun with it. I know my uncle always acted a little tipsy that night, and neighborhood parents always carried a thermos around with them that the kids couldn't touch. But then they also knew when it was time to shut it down for the night. Got little kids, in by 8. Got no kids, turn off the lights so the trick-or-treaters stop coming to your door. Keep that flashlight by your door in case you need to check your property at night. By the next day, though, back to normal; the neighborhood kids didn't have as much permission on November 1st to raise hell while costumes went in the bin in the attic and candy was already separated by flavor.

So why now, do we have to rush home early from our jobs, grab the kids from wherever, eat something and be out the door by 5pm just because my local town news told me that's how it was going to be. As a parent it sucks because it allows for less time to fill that thermos and as a kid it sucks because it's still light out for crying out loud. When did we lose that sense of excitement that came with the unknown around what Halloween was going to bring? It set the tone for the rest of the Fall and kicked off the holiday season with a bit of a spark. I get it, it's safer and more organized. But risky and unpredictable is fun, too. Ken O'Brien to Al Toon. Risky and unpredictable.

At iwonmyleague, we believe that Halloween should be on Halloween. And risky and unpredictable is sometimes how you have to play it. So we offer unique awards for those that aren't scared to take those chances to get the win.  Happy Halloween, everybody.

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