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General Customer Care Info:
20 Portsmouth Ave.
Stratham, NH 03885
P: 603 686 7112

Please keep in mind that we can usually respond faster to your request via email especially during the busy fantasy season.

When we started this business, we had a few principles in mind that we humbly like to live by. The first principle is pride. We take pride in our products. We chose only the finest materials and professional craftsmen to create your unique award. Mama didn't raise no fool! You know the difference between cheap plastics and faux materials, and so do we. That is why we don't want to sell you that crap. We take pride in each and every piece we make, carefully hand-painting each cast all the while our fine woodcrafters turn each piece of genuine maple and carefully finish your base. If you haven't figured it out by now, you might have guessed that we also take pride in the fact everything is made in America because American craftsmanship is still the best. Most of all, we strive to take the same pride in creating your award as you felt when you earned the damn thing.

Our second favorite principle is service. Service is the foundation of our business plan, and we are confident that this will resonate in your response to our products and practices. Service is also the foundation of our existence as an organization and as individuals. We made an oath to keep our products made in the USA so that we can promote our economy and the creative individuals who contribute to it. This oath means that as we grow, so will our American labor force. We also host the annual Pick N Roll Charity Challenge every March where the winner of our NCAA Hoops Pool donates monies collected to his/her favorite charity. 

The final principle we save for last because we like to leave it as that lingering taste in our mouth. Innovation. Without innovation, we are lost. Held back for the rest to pass on by. But with innovation comes creativity, critical thinking, execution, and usually a big fat cigar at the end. At, we want you to know we spend the better part of our summers coming up with stuff that is true and innovative, and this resonates in our plans for the future. We have you in mind all along the way on this journey. And when we hear how much people like our products, we stop for just a moment and think that maybe we will actually leave a mark in this great thing, and so that beer tastes so much better now.

So choose a Collection with confidence from