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We went through a great deal of trouble to find the right engraving plates for our products, and now we offer them to you to be purchased separately should you need one. 

Your personalized name plate is carefully etched on premium brass and then oxidized to reveal natural black lettering.  No cheap lasers or plastic plates with adhesives.

So, do you want to make that fantasy trophy a perpetual fantasy football trophy but still ensure it remains consistent with previous champions?  Now you can.  Offered in gold, silver, and bronze.  Please make sure you use the key below to determine what color you need.  We will also include instructions for attaching the plate to your trophies so that you can keep your trophy looking truly quality.

Gold Plate - Gold Trophy
Silver Plate - Silver Trophy, Shoe Polish Trophy, Optic Trophy
Bronze Plate - Bronze Trophy, Copper Trophy

An Originaltrophy
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Individual Engraving Plate
Our Price: $9.99

For those looking to add a nameplate to any trophy, order one of our premium brass tags and accompanying hardware for attachment.